RWIB Asset Management

Sint Maarten’s first Asset Manager.

RWIBrokers is the first provider of asset management and asset advice on Sint Maarten. Entrepreneurs, wealthy families and foundations entrust the management of their assets to us. The actual implementation of your portfolio is preceded by a thorough inventory of your personal financial wishes and objectives.

We make clear agreements about the investment policy, the way in which the portfolio is filled in and the way in which accountability is given to you. Our policy is characterised by alert monitoring of market developments, careful consideration of risk and return, and a restrained transaction pattern that keeps costs low.

Asset Structuring

Does your need for advice go beyond asset management, asset advice and/or investment advice? has experts who cover the full range of personal financial planning. We make an integrated analysis of your financial situation and future prospects.

The purpose of such an analysis is first and foremost to give you an insight into your overall financial situation. In addition, you will be offered concrete solutions to achieve your goals and thereby save money, allocate your assets correctly, manage risks better, or do targeted estate planning.

In asset structuring, we look not only at your financial position, but also at matters such as income (current and future), pensions, risks, interests in companies, ownership of real estate, inheritances, financing, personal obligations and wishes with regard to the inheritance. In addition to the financial, tax, legal and risk management aspects, such an analysis also takes into account.

Transparant Cost Structure

Costs have a major effect on the return on your investment portfolio. Because the costs you incur are not always fully accounted for, these hidden costs can significantly reduce your return. At you know exactly what you pay for our services. There is no room for hidden costs within our fully transparent fee structure. You pay a fee based on a percentage of the capital deposited with us, plus the transaction costs that we have negotiated for you at the custodian bank.

Together we pursue growth and expansion.

Our Working Method

Your portfolio will be tailored to your needs.

RWIB combines impeccable service to its clients with a state of the art investment process, without being tied to any financial institution.

The services of RWIB can be summarized with the following terms:
– Aimed at preserving assets, adjusted for inflation and income growth in the longer term.
– Service-oriented, professional involvement by senior manager, reachable and approachable, tailor-made solutions.
– Transparency, parallel interests between manager and client. Thorough and structured, knowledge and understanding of markets, vision of the challenges of asset management, continuity, active in managing risks.
– The same protection as you are used to from a bank.

– Our asset management and advice are completely separate from order execution and custody.
– Your asset situation can be viewed online 24/7.
– We only offer liquid (and listed) investments.
– RWIBrokers has all the necessary permits.

Made to Measure Scenarios and Risk Profiles

At RWIB Asset Management we determine your risk profile based on your knowlegde, experience, income and financial position and your appetite for risk. The extent of the risk will be determined by the ratio between risk investments and risk-averse investments. This will be the framework in which RWIB Asset Management will operate. 


These calculations are based on the gross calculation yields for investment categories per year as issued by the AFM (Dutch Financial Market Authority) being 8.30% for shares and 4.2% for bonds based on historical data over a period of 20 years. We count the cash and cash equivalents as bonds. We also make use of the mobility that belongs to the investment category on an annual basis issued by the AFM (25.5% for shares and 4.4% for bonds).