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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I open a RWIB brokerage account?

To open a brokerage account with the Royal West Indies Brokers, we will require 3 documents from you:

  1. A Valid Proof of I.D.
  2. A Valid Proof of Address (No older than 6 months)
  3. The RWIB openings form filled in and signed. (Click here to download this form)

Once you have obtained these documents, you can email them to

These documents will then be submitted to our back office and once you are approved, you will be emailed the credentials to access your online account.

Alternatively, you can Sign Up and an email with a list of detailed instructions will be sent to you, including a list of acceptable documentations for proofs of I.D./Address.

Who can open a RWIB brokerage account?

A brokerage account can only be opened by a legal adult (18+). Anyone over the age of 21 may be entitled to a margin account.

We do not accept clients who reside in the United States of America or Canada.

What apps will be available to me when I open a RWIB brokerage account?

When you open your account, you will be granted access to two apps:

  1. HandyTrader allows you to make trades on your phone.
  2. TraderWorkstation allows you to make trades on your computer. This app is generally for more experienced traders. also provides a web platform where you can manage your account and execute trades.

What fees does apply to my account?

Opening an account is for free. We only charge fees when trades are executed on your account. These fees depend on the exchange, currency or product you trade. Please find a detailed list of fees on the page below the FAQ section.

What is the minimum deposit for opening an account?

There is no minimum deposit required. However, if you wish to start trading, we recommend that you invest with a minimum of $500 – $1000 USD or other currency equivalent.

Why should I fund my account as soon as possible?

Funding your account grants you numerous benefits:

  1. If done during the approval process of your application, your application will be sped up..
  2. You will be allowed to apply for a Paper-Trading Account. There you may practice trading on our platform with virtual funds.
  3. If your account is not funded during the first 6 months that it has been opened, your account will automatically close.
How to fund my brokerage account?
  1. Log in to your Account Management.
  2. Click on Transfer & Pay and then select Transfer Funds.
  3. If you have multiple securities accounts, you must first select the correct account number on the right side of your screen. Always select the account number without F and then click on continue.
  4. Then choose with Transaction Type for Deposit, with Currency for the currency you are going to deposit and with Method for Wire / SEPA Notification.
  5. In the question “Would you like to use previously saved bank information?” Select Yes. Do you not yet have a bank account linked to your securities account? Read in the FAQ at: How can I link a bank account to my trading account? how you can add it.
  6. Fill in Amount the amount you are going to deposit into your custody account.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. The deposit notification has now been created.

You receive a personalized deposit instructions, which you can save on your computer.

How can I connect my bank account?

If you want to transfer money back to your bank account, it is first of all necessary that you link this bank account to your securities account. A linked bank account must at all times have the same name as that of your securities account. It can otherwise cause problems. For example, you deposit money from a business bank account to a private securities account. To link a bank account you need to be part of your securities account in Account Management. When you are logged in you will see a menu on the left side of your screen. Follow the steps below to link a bank account. Click on Transfer & Pay and then select Transfers Funds. If requested, select your account number without the F at the end.

Choose with Transaction Type for Withdrawal.

Choose at Currency the currency you want to reverse (in this example we choose Euro (EUR)).

Choose Method for SEPA if you want to make a euro reversal. If you want to make a reversal in a different currency, you can select this currency from Currency and choose Method for Wire.

Under Bank Information you can now enter the details of your bank account, starting with the Bank Information Name. Here you can enter a name for the linked bank account to be created so that you can easily select it in a subsequent reversal. You can call this for example “Reversal + your bank’s name”.

Select your Bank Country.

Enter the IBAN number below.

Click on Search under Receiving Bank.

Enter the SWIFT / BIC Code 11 from your bank and click Search. (You can also search for the bank’s name if you do not know the SWIFT / BIC code, then select Yes at Search by bank name.

After the details of your bank have been added, finally click on Continue at the bottom right of your screen.

You will now see an overview of the newly linked bank account. You have to confirm this at the bottom of the page. Enter your digital signature, username and password. You may have received a Confirmation Number on your e-mail address. Enter this number in the last field.

Click Continue at the bottom right.

Your bank account is now linked. In conclusion you will see an overview of the details given.

Now you can transfer money back to your bank account. You can find this in our frequently asked questions.

How can I make an internal transfer between my brokerage accounts?

When logging in with your account in Account Management you have to follow the following steps:

Click Transfer & Pay and then Transfer Funds.

Choose your account number on the right of your screen for which you want to transfer money internally and click continuously.

Choose Transaction Type for Internal Transfer.
Under Currency, select the currency you want to transfer.
At Destination Account, choose the linked account number to which you want to transfer money
At Amount you enter the amount that you want to transfer internally. Note that you use a point when entering decimals.
Click Continue at the bottom right.

Enter your username at Username.
Enter your password at Password.
You will then be asked to enter a confirmation number. The confirmation number is sent directly to your e-mail address
Click Continue at the bottom right.

How can I withdraw money from my brokerage account?

Log into client portal

Goto Transfer & Pay and  Transfer Funds

In the left menu click Transfer & Pay and Transfer Funds. Select the account without the -f behind the account#

Click Withdraw Funds.

Select your bankaccount on record.

Attention! If you do not have a bankaccount on record yet, please attach a bankaccount to your account first. Instruction how to connect your bankaccount are found in this FAQ section as well.

Fill out the Amount you would like to withdraw. Under Cash available for Withdrawal you will see the amount that is eligable for withdrawal. (including or excluding margin).

Click Continue. 

Fill out your Username & Password.

Two factor authentication might be asked for to verify it is you that makes the withdrawal.

Click Continue.

Depending on your bank the amount will be in your account in 1 to 3 businessdays.

In the left menu in Transfer & Pay and Transaction History you will find a reciept of your tranfer.




Currency/ExchangeMinMax*% of trade valueExchange, Regulatory & Clearing Fees
AUD (%)20-0.3x
CAD (shares)101.5%0.02 dollar/share-
CHF (%)30-0.3x
CNH (%)100-0.3x
EUR (%)2.25-0.08-
GBP (%)10-0.2x
HKD (%)50-0.3x
HUF (%)3000-0.3x
JPY (%)1000-0.3x
MXN (%)160-0.6x
NOK (%)100-0.3x
PLN (%)45-0.3x
SEK (%)80-0.3x
SGD (%)20-0.3x
USD (shares)7.501.5%0.015 dollar/share -


CFD on Stocks
Currency/ExchangeMinMax*% of trade valueExchange, Regulatory & Clearing Fees
AUD (%)20-0.15x
BRL (%)120-0.3x
CHF (%)30-0.15x
CZK (%)250-0.3x
DKK (%)80-0.15x
EUR (%)10600.1-
GBP (%)10-0.1x
HKD (%)50-0.15x
JPY (%)1000-0.1x
NOK (%)100-0.15x
SEK (%)80-0.15x
USD (shares)7.501%0.015 dollar/share -
ZAR (%)150-0.3x


Currency/ExchangeMinper optionExchange, Regulatory & Clearing Fees
AUD (Contracts)1010x
CAD (Contracts)55-
CHF (Contracts)1010x
EUR (Contracts)3.53.5-
GBP (Contracts)77x
HKD (Contracts)120120x
JPY (Contracts)25003000x
KRW (%)40000.05x
NOK (Contracts)4040x
SEK (%)800.05x
USD (Contracts)3.53.5-


Currency/ExchangeMinper futureExchange, Regulatory & Clearing Fees
AUD (Contracts)1010x
CAD (Contracts)88-
CHF (Contracts)1010x
EUR (Contracts)66-
GBP (Contracts)77x
HKD (Contracts)120120x
JPY (Contracts)25002500x
KRW (Contracts)1000010000x
MXN (Contracts)140140x
NOK (Contracts)5050x
SEK (Contracts)100100x
SGD (Contracts)88x
USD (Contracts)66-


Currency/ExchangeMin% of trade value
AUD (%)100.006
CAD (%)100.006
CHF (%)100.006
CNH (%)500.006
CZK (%)1500.006
DKK (%)400.006
EUR (%)50.006
GBP (%)50.006
HKD (%)500.006
HUF (%)20000.006
ILS (%)250.006
JPY (%)7500.006
MXN (%)1200.006
NOK (%)500.006
NZD (%)100.006
PLN (%)250.006
RUB (%)4000.006
SEK (%)1000.006
SGD (%)100.006
USD (%)60.006
ZAR (%)1000.006


CFD on Forex
Currency/ExchangeMin in USD% of trade value in USD
AUD (%)30.005
CAD (%)30.005
CHF (%)30.005
CNH (%)30.005
CZK (%)30.005
DKK (%)30.005
EUR (%)30.005
GBP (%)30.005
HKD (%)30.005
HUF (%)30.005
ILS (%)30.005
JPY (%)30.005
MXN (%)30.005
NOK (%)30.005
NZD (%)30.005
PLN (%)30.005
RUB (%)30.005
SEK (%)30.005
SGD (%)30.005
USD (%)30.005
ZAR (%)30.005


Currency/ExchangeMinMax*% of trade valueExchange, Regulatory & Clearing Fees
AUD (%)20-0.3x
EUR (%)10600.2-
HKD (%)50-0.3x
EUR (%)10600.2-
USD (%)10-0.2-


Currency/ExchangeMin% of trade valueExchange, Regulatory & Clearing Fees
USD (%)100.15x


Mutual Funds
Currency/ExchangeTicket ChargeMinAbsolute Markup% of trade valueExchange, Regulatory & Clearing Fees
EUR (%)-10-0.15-
Global (Transaction)15-0--
USD (Transaction)10-0--


Currency/ExchangeMinMax% of trade valueExchange, Regulatory & Clearing Fees
EUR (%)10600.1-
HKD (%)100-0.2x
USD (% of Face Value)10-0.015-


Other fees

Withdrawals to your bankaccount

The first chargeback in a calendar month is free. For each subsequent reversal the rates apply in the following table:

Currency Methode Tarief
EUR SEPA EUR 1,00 per withdrawal
EUR WIRE EUR 8,00 per withdrawal
USD WIRE USD 10,00 per withdrawal

The above costs do not relate to any costs charged by third parties. The account holder is solely responsible for any additional costs charged by the beneficiary or corresponding bank. In addition, processing costs charged by your bank or its corresponding bank, which are not included in’s chargeback costs, can be deducted from the refundable amount.

For more information about the chargeback costs of the other currencies, please send an e-mail to

Cancel / Adjust costs

Type cost Costs per order Execution credit
Cancel/Adjust optionorder US USD 0,01 USD 0,005 per contract (max. USD 0,01 of USD 0,035 per order)
Cancel/Adjust option- or futureorder on Eurex EUR 0,50 EUR 2,50 per execution same product same dag
Aanpassen/annuleren Direct Routed Order naar TGATE EUR 0,50 EUR 2,50 per execution same product same day
Cancel/Adjust orders other exchanges Free No fees

Partial Executions

If an order concerns partial execution over several trading days, a commission will be charged for each trading day. This is also the case if after a partial execution, the remaining order is adjusted. This is seen as a new order whereby transaction costs are again charged.

Inactivity Fees

If the value of your trading account is less than USD 1,000 (or equivalent in another currency) and you have paid commission less than USD 1 (or equivalent in another currency) in a given calendar month, inactivity costs will be charged. . The amount of this inactivity costs is calculated as follows: Inactivity costs = USD 1 – commission paid in calendar month

Exposure Fee charges a daily exposure fee for a small minority of accounts that have a very high worst-case loss risk. This is to protect and its clients against accounts that hold high-risk positions that currently meet the margin requirements of the stock exchange, but can nonetheless still achieve excessive losses in the event of a significant market movement.

Implicit Transaction Costs

In addition to explicit transaction costs which EasyBroker charges, there are also implicit transaction costs. These costs are based on the bid / offer spread. At the moment you send an order to the stock exchange, there is a so-called price of arrival, the mid-price. If your order is executed for a higher or lower price than the mid-price, then the implicit costs are the difference between the mid-price and the execution price. These costs are implicit because they are not visible on the order confirmation and are not charged by itself. The bid and offer prices are realized by buyers and bidders on the market and are beyond the control of EasyBroker.

Exchange, Regulatory & Clearing Fees

Where in the rate overviews is ticked by means of a cross that there is Exchange, Regulatory & Clearing Fees, charges these costs to its customers in addition to the transaction costs of An overview of these costs can be found here.





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