is having a closer look at the Northwest(NWBO). 

NW Bio (NASDAQ: NWBO) is focused on the development of personalized cancer vaccines designed to treat a broad range of solid tumor cancers.                            

The main reason why investors are so excited about Northwest Biotherapeutics’ prospects is that the company’s 14-year-long phase 3 clinical trial to evaluate its one and only immunotherapy candidate, DCVax-L, as a treatment for glioblastoma, has concluded, says Zhiyuan Sun

This summer, the company announced that it had locked data from all global treatment sites. Due to COVID-19, it was difficult for some data to be rechecked for accuracy and groomed for analysis. On Oct. 5, NWBO announced the data was ready for submission to the independent statisticians for final calculations shortly thereafter. (Herald-Tribune)

NWBO suggested that “within a couple of weeks” of submission the statisticians should complete their work. “Only then will the company be unblinded to the data.” 

In a short period of time, this immunotherapy biotech could either become a multi-bagger or trade near $0, says Zhiyuan Sun. 



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